A conference at the City hall of the 2nd district of Paris deals with the involvement of the Emirates on the island of Socotra

mercredi, 06 juin 2018 15:21

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On Friday 1 June, the NGO “AIDL” (International Alliance for Defense of Rights and Freedoms) organized a conference with the theme “The Island of Socotra : between strategic importance, violation of international law and regional interests”. The event took place at the City Hall of the 2d Arrondissement of Paris.

Several experts, journalists and lawyers attended to denounce the aggressive policy of the United Arab Emirates.

According to Sebastien Mabile, a British NGO has filed a complaint against mercenaries present in Yemen and financed by Abu Dhabi. The NGO AIDL has also filed a complaint at the International Criminal Court against South American and Australian mercenaries operating in Yemen.

According to the specialist of Arab World, François Burgat “in response to what is happening in Socotra, more precisely this military invasion, we are pointing out UAE’s attitude that turns out to look more like an imperialist power because now the Emirates no longer have any legitimate presence in Yemen”. He added that : “it’s really a new page that is turning, it’s not a very beautiful page”.

According to the United Nations, Yemen is the worst humanitarian tragedy in the world. Human rights organizations in France denounce the war crimes of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. To have a resume of the event, please see this video : 

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